Patient Log (College of Medicine Requirement!)

By now you should be very familiar with the patient log. The purpose of this log is first to insure that students are very familiar with the experiences that the faculty determined are so important that every medical student should see or do them prior to graduation. Second, it is an important way for you to track your progress and make sure you have not missed some of the seminal educational experiences of medical schools.

Each clerkship decided to take “ownership” of certain clinical presentations, skills, and tasks that best fit with the specialty. However, you will have opportunities to gain exposure to most of these required experiences in multiple clerkships and later during 4th year electives. The medicine clerkship is responsible for making sure you are exposed to the following clinical presentations which implies involvement in the evaluation and management:

  • Acute renal failure
  • Acute shortness of breath
  • Alteration in mental status (in particular delirium on an inpatient service)
  • Anemia
  • Chest pain
  • Common cancers
  • Diabetes (uncontrolled)
  • Electrolyte/ acid-base disorders
  • Fever
  • Hypertension (uncontrolled)

Portfolio Requirement

For rotations 1-3, you should look at your log report at the midpoint of the clerkship and assess which presentations you still need to see. For rotations 4-6, you should assess which core presentation requirements you have already met.

For all rotations, if you are still missing exposure to core presentations by week 6, please alert the Clerkship Directors so we can provide you with ways to meet the requirement.