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Peer Evaluations

Peer Evaluations

Peer Evaluations: A key feature of traditional professions like medicine is self-policing and regulation. Clearly, we are seeing this eroded every year by increased government oversight. One of the reasons cited is that physicians do not address problem colleagues. To do this, we must become comfortable evaluating our peers. Thus, we are providing you with an opportunity to practice this skill in a limited fashion and also hopefully receive peer feedback of your own. A brief, anonymous peer evaluation tool of professionalism is available. You are encouraged to evaluate as many of your peers as possible based on small group interactions as well as day-to day ward encounters.

Submission Criteria

If you filled out peer evaluations, simply make an entry noting that. If you received peer evaluations, we will provide that feedback in a private letter given to you at the end of the clerkship.

Evaluation criteria

Peer evaluations are not used for any grading purposes however filling out evaluations is a mark of professionalism.