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Physical Examination

Abnormal Physical Exam Finding Checklist

You should be able to independently recognize the following abnormal findings common in internal medicine patients

  1. Edema
  2. Goiter/abnormal thyroid size
  3. Pulmonary crackles
  4. Wheezes
  5. Dullness to percussion
  6. Irregularly irregular pulse
  7. Arterial bruit
  8. Heart murmur
  9. S3 gallop
  10. Jugular venous distension

EBM Physical Exam Videos

These are outstanding videos that review the evidence behind various physical exam maneuvers and demonstrate the findings. (The first 2.5 min of each video is the same hand washing and statistics review.)

Hypothyroidism (~12 min)

Hyperthyroidism (~15 min)

CHF (~21 min)

Anemia (~8 min)

COPD (~16 min)

Abdominal Exam (~18 min)

Cirrhosis (~19 min)

Ascites (~11 min)

Vertigo (~16 min)

Stanford Medicine 25

This is a website devoted to improving physical exam skills and promoting bedside medicine. It is more than 25 physical exam maneuvers and findings, most demonstrated in brief videos