High Value Care

We want every student to learn the basic concepts of high value care so you can practice them during your clinical training and hopefully in your future practice. Educators from ACP, AAIM, and MedU developed 12 modules https://www.meduapp.com/users/sign_in   about high value care that cross the disciplines of medicine, pediatrics, radiology, family medicine, and to a lesser degree surgery. These modules are brief and take about 15 minutes each and require the same login in you use for SIMPLE and CLIPPS. Modules A- F, I , and L focus on internal medicine cases. Every student is required to complete modules 1 and 5.

Another great HVC resource to know about  is the ABIM’s Choosing Wisely campaign. The Society of Hospital Medicine and Society of General Internal Medicine’s Choosing Wisely Guidelines are displayed below.  A more in-depth discussion of the SHM’s Choosing Wisely guidelines, which are most relevant to this clerkship, can be reviewed here, High Value Care

*Students participating in the 2016-2017 HVC study run by Dr. Nall are only required to complete modules A and E, though they are free to complete as many modules as they would like. 

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