To-Do List/Clerkship Requirements

To Do List 1516 (This is a suggested timeline for completing clerkship tasks.)

Clerkship Tasks

  1. Meet with IM coach
  2. Upload goals into Canvas
  3. Program conference and meeting reminders into your phone
  4. Keep discharge phone log (upload to Canvas week 8)
  5. Sign up for reflective writing session
  6. Sign up for oral presentation practice (optional)
  7. Attend peer feedback session and give feedback
  8. Review write-ups as needed for feedback
  9. Schedule a “check in” meeting with Dr. Harrell or Nall (optional)
  10. Arrange formative feedback with team members first 4 weeks (upload summary to Canvas)
  11. Arrange formative feedback with team members second 4 weeks (upload summary to Canvas)
  12. Review your physical examination checklist and seek help if you are having trouble completing
  13. Complete and upload one mini-CEX-Hx
  14. Complete and upload one mini-CEX-PE
  15. Complete minimum 8 SIMPLE cases (automatically documented)
  16. Complete HVC modules 1 and 5 (automatically documented)
  17. Log patient presentations (12 are REQUIRED)
  18. Turn in physical exam checklist to Ms. Pipkins
  19. End of rotation make sure only 4 best, HIPAA compliant write-ups are uploaded to Canvas for grading
  20. Submit any optional work into Canvas. Due last day of clerkship at midnight