Formative Feedback

Instructions for Formal Self-Assessment and Formative Feedback

Whether you recognize it or not, you will receive feedback many times a day during clinical rotations. Sometimes it is obvious such as being corrected on physical exam technique or being told your progress note was helpful. Other times it may be less obvious, perhaps even nonverbal, such as a smile of encouragement or having your rounds presentation interrupted and cut off. We know a key aspect of effective feedback is that it should be specific and linked to a behavior. We like to be positive and encouraging to you on this clerkship so you will frequently be told you are doing a “good job” or “great work”. While this certainly can improve your spirits, it is not very helpful feedback if you don’t know what you did to earn the compliment. One simple thing you can do is to ask for clarity on what specific behavior was being complimented so you will know how to reproduce it.

Both you and your attending should complete a Formative Evaluation Form that is exactly the same as the form used for your summative evaluation at the end of each 4 weeks. Around the mid point of each month (or of the time you spend with your attending), you are to fill out an evaluation form for yourself. At the same time, you should provide your attending a form to complete. (Forms can be printed from this site.) Next, you will arrange a time to meet and compare your evaluations.

On some services, you will have more than one attending during the month. You are encouraged to do this formative feedback with each attending. Interns and residents also evaluate you and see different aspects of your performance. Thus, we strongly encourage you to seek formal formative feedback from them as well.

Many attendings will initiate this feedback. But, it is your primary responsibility to make sure the formative feedback sessions occur. Dr. Nall will be happy to help if you run into any difficulties.

Submission Criteria

A minimum of two submissions are required (one per month). You are required to summarize in a few sentences the key points of the feedback session that includes:

1) Strengths

2) Areas to work on

3) How well your self-assessment agreed with your attending’s assessment (and if there was a discrepancy between the two, why you think that was)

4) Your next steps for continued growth.

If you are unable to identify #1,2, and 4 above, then this should prompt you to seek clarification and/or further direction from the person who gave you feedback.

These summaries should be submitted in Canvas.

Evaluation Criteria

Credit is given for each of the four key areas listed above. Failure to complete this requirement will result in a decrease in your professionalism rating.