Sample Post-Discharge Phone Call Documentation – HIPAA Compliant

1. MG- discharged to Shands rehab, I was unable to call his room. I’ll try back in a few weeks to see if he’s home.

2. JK- still in the hospital when I rotated off service

3. LL- spoke with his wife who said he’s doing pretty well, the home nurse has been coming and addressed any questions they had.

4. RD- She appreciated the call and said she was confused about her medicines. I was able to answer her questions as I had the discharge paperwork which told me what she should be taking.

5. IG- Unable as patient demented and went to nursing home

6. GK- She is not doing well and doesn’t know when her doctor’s appt is. She also can’t find the catheters we recommended. I spoke with our case manager who will look into the catheter problem and she was able to look up GK’s appt. I called her back and she was very appreciative.

7. WF- made three attempts but no answer

8. CV- He didn’t have any questions or problems but seemed lonely and seemed to enjoy having someone call. We mostly talked about his fishing plans and grandchildren.

9. FT- She isn’t doing that well as she confided that she didn’t fill the new medicines we started b/c she couldn’t afford them. I spoke with my resident and we discussed which ones she needed the most and my resident had me investigate whether we could find cheaper alternatives. I was able to find all but one in a generic form that was in the CVS $4 plan. The case manager will look into the Coreg which is not available generic. FT was so relieved and I think we really helped her. I called back a week later and she was able to get the medicines and is feeling better. (I’m not sure how much of that is just due to her not worrying about how to pay for her medicines vs. the medicines themselves.)

10. HH- transferred to ICU

11. DF- phone disconnected

12. Etc., etc.