Oral Presentation Practice

Oral presentations are critical to communicating in an organized fashion about your patient. They can also be a source of great anxiety and struggle for students. During this clerkship you will have many opportunities to improve your oral presentation with each new patient and daily rounds. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to practice an oral presentation and receive feedback from Dr. Nall and a small group of your peers. This session is optional so please sign-up on the clerkship office door, Shands, Room 4108.

What you need to know for the session.

  • Review these two handouts on oral presentations prior to the session
  • Come prepared to present a patient (new patient or follow-up on daily rounds)
  • Bring questions you have about oral presentations
  • Gator rounds is a Department of Medicine initiative to improve communication. The website has many useful tips including a video modeling an ideal bedside presentation.