Patient Evaluations

We adapted a form originally developed by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) for your use. There are ten questions and a space for comments. We also have a cover letter of explanation for the patient and an envelope. These packets are available in the Clerkship Director’s office across from Kathy’s desk on the wall or you may print your  own patient evaluation form and cover letter at this site.

You may ask as many patients (or their family members if appropriate) to evaluate you using this form as you would like. We provide an envelope with our address that you can use so the survey can remain anonymous. The more patients you are able to have evaluate you, the more meaningful the data. For this limited clerkship, an ideal number would be 8-10.

Some students have expressed concern that patients might think they were being nice to them only because they were getting evaluated. This may be true of some patients, but it is very common practice for hospitals and clinics to distribute patient satisfaction forms so most patients will view this as a routine occurrence.

Logistically, there is no easy way to do this other than hand them out yourself or you can ask another team member to do so if that is more comfortable for you. The envelopes go through campus mail fairly reliably from Shands but not the VA or Jacksonville. You will need to collect the sealed envelopes and return them to Kathy to ensure they are received from these locations (and it is really more reliable at Shands too).

Submission criteria

You do not need to enter anything yourself, Ms. Pipkins will do this.

Evaluation Criteria

We will provide you with your numeric rating and any comments when you receive your final clerkship evaluation and grade. Usually this feedback is very positive but sometimes it can alert you to certain practices or styles that are not as effective as you might think. This type of feedback is rather unique so we make sure to include it in the comments provided to the Dean of Student Affairs for inclusion in your MSPE letter. It is pretty powerful to say that actual patients evaluated your interpersonal skills and rated you as outstanding. If you receive 8 or more positive patient evaluations, this  will be factored into your patient communication competency evaluation.