Progress Note Evaluation Form

Criteria for Evaluating Progress Notes

Please note there is a technical problme with the electronic portfolio such taht you can only see comments and not the ratings below. If you plan to submit progress ntoes, you may want to remind your portfolio advisor to only use the comment section.

Subjective and objective:

  • Information reported appropriately focused and pertinent.
  • Contains pertinent and extraneous information.
  • Omits key pertinent information.


  • Working diagnosis is clear and presented concisely; important differential diagnoses are addressed (i.e. alternate diagnoses being seriously considered, evaluated, or empirically treated).
  • Presenting symptom or abnormal finding substituted for working diagnosis but major problem is clear and differential diagnoses are discussed when appropriate.
  • Working diagnosis or major problem is unclear and/ or no clear prioritization of problems.
  • Major problem or diagnosis is not addressed.


  • The plan is clearly stated along with a clear rationale.
  • There is an attempt at a plan but it is unclear that the rationale is understood.
  • Critical aspect of the plan is missing or it is clear the student does not understand the rationale for the plan.

Overall Effectiveness:

  • Organization: good; minor problems; poor (does not follow most basic template)
  • Length: Balances conciseness with appropriate detail; Needs to work on conciseness but discussion is basically good, just long; too long because of too much extraneous detail and/or poor organization of thoughts; too concise to the point of omitting key data