History and Physical Exam


Beginning 3rd year medical students, without direct supervision, should be able to:
  1. Obtain an accurate, complete, detailed, well-organized history (cc, HPI, Meds, All, PHM, FMH, SHx, ROS)
  2. Perform a complete physical examination using proper technique (except GU/ GYN require supervision)
3rd year medical students will still need help and practice with:

1. Identifying pertinent positives and negatives to include in the HPI based on a preliminary differential
2. Identifying special physical examination maneuvers to perform based on the patient’s presentation
3. Recognizing abnormal physical examination findings

Teaching Activities

  • Perform complete histories and physical examinations on a minimum of 2 new patients per week.
  • Physical finding rounds
  • HARVEY cardiac simulation sessions
  • Direct observation of physical examination


  • Formative feedback on written H&Ps by peer and IM coach
  • Direct observation of core physical exam abnormalities signed off by faculty or house staff
  • Team members evaluate based on your report of data you gathered