Practice Resources

ECG (Please note more information on ECGs can be found in conference section of the website)

  • ECG Learning Center – An excellent tutorial,
  • KG/EKG Press,
  • ECG Wave Maven – Great case based resource,
    • This can be used as a reference which shows the interpretation or you can quiz yourself by clicking “quiz mode”. We strongly recommend you limit the difficulty level (red box at left upper corner) to level 1 and if you are feeling confident, you can include level 2.

General Radiology

  • Cardiothoracic Imaging

  • Radiology Case Museum – A huge database great for finding examples of abnormal findings but not really set up as a tutorial

  • This site comes recommended by a student and provides an excellent tutorial in how to read a CXR if you click on the “interpretation” link.

Laboratory Medicine


Renal Failure/Acid-base



Critical Care Medicine Tutorials (Information on respiratory failure & vents)

Pulmonary Function Tests