Practice-Based Learning and Improvement

Practice-Based Learning and Improvement (PBLI)

PBLI is all about developing self-directed, life-long learning habits. One of the Entrustable Professional Activities (EPA) falls under this competency and is listed below.

Components of PBLI:

  • Self-assessment
  • Goal setting
  • Staying current with the medical literature
  • Critical appraisal of the medical literature
  • EBM practice
  • Staying current with IT
  • Keeping skills current
  • Chart/practice audits (for practicing MDs)

The following are some suggestions of how you can demonstrate competence in this area:

1. SMART Goals (Required at mid-point meeting)

2. Real time evidence-based medicine (Recommended)

3.  Journal club

4. EBM talk to team

5. Lead evidence-based physical finding rounds

6. EBM discussion in a write-up

7. Patient log (College of Medicine Requirement)

8. Prepare teaching materials and/or give educational talks to your team or classmates

9. Learn how to use a new technological resource that can help with patient care

EPA 7: Form clinical questions and retrieve evidence to advance patient care

Clerkship Practice Based Learning and Improvement Objective

  • Apply EBM skills in real time to patient care