Journal Club

Journal clubs are a great way to stay current with the medical literature without having to read all the journals yourself. Most faculty at UF participate in a journal club as do many private practitioners. For a journal club to be effective several people need to participate. Ward teams or teamlets are a great place to organize a journal club.

The Requirements

  1. Pick a question related to a patient. (Use PICO format.)
  2. Select a relevant article.
  3. Read the article and use the “Users’ Guide to the Medical Literature” to guide your analysis as needed.
  4. Prepare ~ 10 minute discussion of the article that includes your clinical question, description of the type of study, general methods, main results, strengths/weaknesses, and how you will use this information in patient care.
  5. If you plan to refer to any figures or tables, make copies for everyone.
  6. Be prepared to address PPV, NPV, NNT, NNH as applicable.
  7. Be prepared to answer questions.

The advantage of participating in a journal club is that you leave familiar with multiple articles rather than only one.

EBM Evaluation Form

If you would like feedback on your evaluation of the article ask the journal club faculty facilitator to fill out the EBM evaluation form. The PDF version of the form is here: EMB Journal Club Evaluation.