Professionalism is the intersection of clinical competence with character and caring.

Character involves:

  •  Respect
  •  Honesty
  • Ability to self-assess
  • Work ethic
  • Striving for excellence

You all possess the foundation of these qualities. However,  there are ways we can help you apply them more effectively to patient care or at least help you resist the erosion of these values, which unfortunately happens all too often when faced with the realities of “the system”.

Self-assessment and reflection are two areas of focus during this clerkship. The following are some suggested ways to practice this and demonstrate your competence. The first two are requirements and should be submitted at the end of the clerkship.

1. Reflective writing (required)

2. Formative feedback session with self-assessment (required minimum once per month)

3. Journaling

4. Peer evaluations