Interprofessional Team Work

This is the primary criteria most residents use when evaluating your systems based practice.

  • Ask how to help
  • Try to anticipate needs and offer to help
  • Review your “to do” list with your interns’ and divide and conqueror
  • Anticipate when other services (e.g.PT, OT, nutrition, psychology) may be of help and suggest a consultation
  • Collaborate closely with the nurses

The following are two suggestions, but you may try your own ideas to enhance interprofessional teamwork.

1)  Description: Select a patient who has an interprofessional plan of care (i.e. many different types of health care providers are involved in this patient’s care) and talk with each of the team members to assess their perspective on the patient’s major problems and what they see as their role in the patient’s care and how they. The most straight-forward way to accomplish this is by brief interviews.

2) Description: Select a member of the healthcare team involved in the care of one of your patients and spend part of a day with him/her to learn what his/her job involves. This can range from the nurse, dietician, PT to the IV nurse or Respiratory tech (which will also allow you to practice procedures).