Online Learning Resources

We have provided you with links to many very high-quality, interactive web sites that focus on interpretation of various types of common studies you will order for your patients (e.g. ECG, CXR, PFT, ABG, U/A), review of physical exam, video review of common procedures (e.g. paracentesis, thoracentesis, central venous line), and free online internal medicine textbooks.

General History, Physical Exam, and Oral Presentations

Online Internal Medicine Textbooks

Textbooks available through Must be signed in through VPN.

Cardiac Auscultation

  • Cardiac auscultation (This is the most popular auscultation site)

ECG (Please note more information on ECGs can be found in conference section of the website)

  • ECG Learning Center – An excellent tutorial,
  • KG/EKG Press,
  • ECG Wave Maven – Great case based resource,
    • This can be used as a reference which shows the interpretation or you can quiz yourself by clicking “quiz mode”. We strongly recommend you limit the difficulty level (red box at left upper corner) to level 1 and if you are feeling confident, you can include level 2.

High Value Care

Laboratory Medicine



Renal Failure/Acid-base



Critical Care Medicine Tutorials (Information on respiratory failure & vents)

Pulmonary Auscultation

Pulmonary Function Tests

Lung Auscultation Tutorial

General Radiology

Video Review of Common Procedures

Videos available through Must be signed in through VPN.