Peer Feedback and Team Work

There is much you can learn about patients and the clinical reasoning process by giving feedback to others on their H&Ps.

There will be dedicated time during noon conferences for this activity and one of the clerkship directors will be present to help and answer questions.

We will use the validated IDEA Formative Feedback Tool to help guide you through the feedback process. You may seek peer feedback on as many H&Ps as you like and you may make changes based on that feedback.

You don’t need to feel like you are on your own, there are many activities that help patient care that you can work on together as a team. Examples include:

  • Journal Club
  • Researching EBM questions
  • Advocating for patients
  • Attending patient safety rounds
  • Conducting a root cause analysis
  • Exploring high value care

If you decide to do any of these and would like the clerkship directors to see this when completing your grade, submit a brief summary of what you did with a brief reflection on what was learned. Make sure you specify who participated and their role.